Igal Kaptsan

I was born in Kishinev Moldova (Former part of the Soviet Union) and lived most of my life in Israel, where I grew up and got my degrees in mechanical engineering. For the last fifteen years my family and I live in US (PA & MA).

For many years I looked at the world through my engineering eyes, while working in the aerospace, automotive and software industries on various types of projects that were well defined and technical in nature.

For the last ten years I had the opportunity to work with Frank Stella, world renowned American artist, on the "Painting into Architecture" 3D Models, expressing ideas in a 3D virtual environment, using different CAD tools, enabling him to explore different options and get his ideas ready to be built.

Working with Frank opened my eyes to new capabilities which I didn't utilize in my life as an engineer.

Until then when I looked at anything that wasn't well defined I asked "Why was it created? What purpose does it serve?"
Now 3D abstract shapes have a completely different meaning for me. They tell me a story I didn't know existed.
The 3D work with Frank is very freeform. "Let's try and see what happens". The challenge is of course to make it buildable and self supporting, but that is where my engineering helps. You can see some examples in the pictures below.

Glass is very similar, "Let's try and see what happens". When starting a new piece you know where you want to get, but you never know what exctly it will look like until you are absolutely done with it. That is what makes it so fascinating.